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Custom pedals and tube amps by Warlord. Thanks for stoping by and welcome to our site. We strongly encourage you to contact us. Human contact is very important to us. Tell us about the pedal or the tone you are looking after, or give us your opinion of how to improve our web page. We’ll be glad to hear from you.

We ‘re a new, very small company. We build custom pedals and tube amps. We went online few months ago.  In 6 months Warlord managed to build 2 signature custom pedals for 2 great guitar players.  We’ve build the Soul Breaker distortion pedal for Ben Higgins and the Crusher metal distortion for George Karafotis of Reaven Lord & Vermilion Days. Pro guitarists trusted our custom pedals and that means a lot to us. In this web site, you can browse through 2 main product families. The first is custom pedals for guitar, and the second is bass custom pedals. Of course there is an extra tube amps family which is still under construction. More about this in the blog pages.

As you browse through the custom pedals, you got two options:
  1. If you simply want great sounding handmade guitar pedals on a great price, then you may choose one of my guitar pedals that belong to the Warlord Standard Series. To see the full specifications of each model, browse through the main menu on top.
  2. If you want something special and personal, a custom guitar pedal build is a better choice. It’s build on your demands & suggestions. Full customizable, from the circuit design, the enclosure color, design, components selection, size etc. You may visit the Warlord Custom Shop quote for more info.

Warlord custom pedals are hand made using high end materials.

For detailed information, please visit the 9 Reasons you should buy a Warlord pedal Why choose Warlord’s custom pedals? Here’s a small list :

  1. All custom pedals come with a limited lifetime warranty
  2. Shipment is FREE!!! Έλληνες καταναλωτές επικοινωνήστε μαζί μου.
  3. Turn around time is usually at 3-4 weeks for a personalized custom pedal build (depending on workload). For pedals that belong to the Standard series (bass or guitar) the turn around time is 2-3 weeks. Warlord doesn’t stock pedals.
  4. All units are hand wired. Printed circuit boards are all etched by hand. Some of them are soldered point to point with no extra fees.
  5. Painting, artwork design, circuit design is all done in Warlord. No outsourcing. Each pedal is painted, drilled, assembled and quality tested by hand. This insures that you get the best quality custom pedal on the market instead of a mass produced, run of the mill piece of gear.
  6. All models are build with a true bypass switching system so the signal passes unaffected when the pedal is not in use. This also means that there is no need for power when the pedal is in OFF position.
  7. Status led indicators of low power consumption is a must in all custom pedal builds.
  8. All custom pedals use a standard 9v DC adapter with a negative tip unless specified.
  9. All (unless specified) units come with a build in DC power noise filter. So, if you have a noisy power transformer, the pedal will kill most (if not all) of the power noise.

I recommend any high-quality supply transformer that utilizes isolated power. Choosing a high quality power supply is frequently overlooked when purchasing pedals but it is one of the most important factors in operating your pedal board to its full potential and creating great tone. For more info, check the power supply article.

Thanks for visiting and have fun on this site.

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By George Liagas – Goggle

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