lifetime warranty for custom pedals

limited lifetime warranty

Limited lifetime warranty

Here at Warlord Custom we love and support our products. We do our best for our customer’s support. We treat you the way we would like to be treated. Many people have questions on the matter of limited lifetime warranty. All Warlord custom pedals are covered by lifetime warranty. We are pretty confident of our custom pedal builds. All you have to do is treat your pedal as you would treat you mobile phone. Don’t abuse it, don’t submerge it in water (!!!), check for proper power supply and polarity, don’t through it from the penthouse, and we’re sure it will last forever. We want you to have a custom pedal that will last over time. And if something goes wrong, we would like to repair it so you can have it under you foot!

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

It’s normal for a pedal’s component (electronic or electromechanical part) to break or fail after years. If you’ve been using your pedal a lot, which is great, something will eventually wear. If a potentiometer, a switch or something else is not working due to normal wear send the unit back and we’ll repair it for free. All you have to pay is the shipment costs as stated on line 4 of the warranty terms. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Free support as long as you use your pedal normally.

Here’s the terms :

  1. Warlord Custom will repair or replace, as its option, defective workmanship or materials.
  2. Damages caused by accident, abuse, alteration or misuse are not covered by the warranty.
  3. Product’s appearance is not covered by the lifetime warranty
  4. Shipping costs are not covered by the lifetime warranty
  5. Allow 4 weeks for warranty service.

Few words on the above terms.
1. Repair or replace defective workmanship or materials.

 Defective materials show up very fast. So if a defective material is part of your pedal’s circuit you will easily figure it out very soon. The unit won’t perform as expected. It’ll be malfunctioning. Defective materials can fool us (as pedal builders). A defective material may work fine during a test, but fail an hour later! That’s why we test our pedals many times before we ship it to you. In the extreme case that your pedal fails in your hands do not worry. Send it back and we’ll repair it for you. No cost, but FREE of charge. Please inform us within 7 days from the day you receive your unit. Same thing applies in case we’ve made a mistake while building your pedal. That’s defective workmanship. In both of the above cases, WE PAY Shipping & Repair costs only if you report the problem within 7 days from the day you receive your unit.

Bottom line : Electronic components are simple. They hardly fail. So for normal (non abusive) use, your pedal will last a lifetime. If something is defective, it’ll be noticeable from day 1. A defective part may “fool” Warlord, and passes the tests. But it won’t fool you as long as you start using the pedal. That’s why we give you a period of 7 days to check your pedal. And if you notice something wrong with your pedal’s behavior contact us immediately. So far, we’ve never encountered such a problem. And we hope we never will.

2. Damages causedby accident, abuse, alteration or misuse.

Damages by Accident. Warlord can’t cover damages caused by accident. That’s pretty easy to understand. e.g. dropping your pedal from the 3d floor  isn’t covered by the lifetime warranty. Damages by Abuse. Don’t abuse the pedal or its mechanical parts. If you step on the switches with tons of power, or flicking the switches abusively, or rotating the pots abusively they will eventually fail or break or get damaged. We don’t cover that. Damages by Alteration or Misuse. Every pedal is build to do something very specific. Opening the pedal’s enclosure is considered as an attempt of alteration. Don’t open it, don’t try to modify it. If you plug an improper power supply, wrong voltage or polarity, chances are you may damage the unit. Although it is protected internally, it doesn’t mean you have to experiment. Please pay attention to the voltage/polarity indicators located in the power input socket of the unit.

3. Product’s appearance is not covered by the warranty.

Very easy to understand. It’s like cars : you may get warranty for the mechanical parts, but not for the color of the car 😀
So, try to be gentle with your pedal. It’s hand made so it’s pretty delicate. It takes a lot of effort, time and work for a pedal to be designed, hand painted, assembled by hand, finished etc. If used properly, nothing bad will happen. If you don’t treat it well, marks,scratches etc will occur. It’s up to you.

4. Shipping costs are not covered by the warranty

When sending back a pedal, (due to normal component wear after years) shipping costs are not covered by the lifetime warranty. The only case we DO cover shipping costs are for Defective material and workmanship as stated in line 1 of the terms. 

5. Allow 4 weeks for warranty service

Please be patient and give us the time to repair your unit with ease of time. We do our best, we do as fast as we can. Quality goes first. Repairs usually take a couple of days depending on the work load. Repairs are top priority to us.

If something is wrong with your pedal and you want info or have any kind of questions do not hesitate to contact us.
If by any means you want info on your lifetime warranty, or have any kind of question before placing an order please DO contact us. It’s the best think to do, and we’ll be pleased to serve you.

By George Liagas – Google

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