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Powering the pedals

There are not so many ways to power up your pedals in general. The choices are batteries or power adapters.
Both have advantages and disadvantages.


Batteries are great because they provide pure DC power with no need for humming power filtering. This means that batteries are a very silent/noiseless power source. But, they don’l last for ever! So, they might “die” during a live performance or, you have to check them before a show. In general, they are great, and since most of the pedals are very low on power consumption (plus the fact that the are build with a true bypass switching) they can last for a long time. Pedals with light emitting borders require lots of power, so battery usage is not advisable. What makes batteries a great power choice is the fact that they provide pure DC voltage, noiseless.

Power transformers.

They come in many sizes, kinds and types. Power transformers need to be regulated and filtered or they provide humming/buzzing noise to your guitar signal. Cheap power transformers are not properly filtered and they are noisy. Warlord pedals have a build in filter to eliminate such noises. This doesn’t guarantee a noiseless set up, but at least a descent amount of noise removal.

Cheap power transformer

Noise comes from the AC to DC rectification bridge. Some frequencies of the 50-60Hz circle, make their way through the pedal, thus providing noise. Power filtering blocks these frequencies. That noise can be identified easily : If you plug your cord from the output of the pedal, to the input of the Amplifier, and turn your pedal on (no guitar connected) you will hear the noisy buzz/hum (if your power transformer is noisy). If it’s a filtered one, you may hear something but at very low levels.

For Warlord’s pedals, all you need is a power transformer that provides a DC voltage of 9Volts of at least 100mA. All pedal builds are measured one by one. So, in each unit I build, I give this data to the customer. Not every pedal build (build of the same models) consumes the exact same amount of power. There are some slight differences. For example not all my Soul Breaker pedals consume the same 37mA of power. Sometimes some materials do play a role in this. So another build may consume 43mA etc.


Power filtering is a small circuit that blocks AC ripples to pass through the pedal.

Please be very-very carefully before you plug a power jack in a Warlord’s pedal. Though the pedals are protected for wrong polarities etc, this doesn’t mean you are allowed to “push things” out of order. It’s your responsibility to provide the pedal with the correct voltage at the polarity needed. A user plugged a 9V AC power adapter (yes, thats right, AC not DC as it should) and he blew the protection circuit up. No damage to the pedal, but he had to send it back for repairing the polarity protection circuit.

So please be careful. It’s very easy.

All Warlords pedals are build with a negative tip configuration


This means that the outside of the barrel should be positive and the inside of it negative.


Please be sure to check the icon under the DC jack plug.
Some pedal builds may require the opposite polarity.

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