Custom guitar pedals & tube amplifiers by Warlord. The philosophy.

Custom guitar pedals, bass pedals and tube amps. All about Warlord.

The short story of how it all started

Warlord custom guitar pedals and tube amps is the result of a desire to create analog devices of high quality. No matter if it’s a custom guitar pedal, a custom bass pedal or a tube amp. It has to be perfect. It all started 8 years ago when I had an accident with my digital multi effects unit. Digital stuff is handy, but it can be messy too. So I abandoned the family of digital effects (never really liked them, but it was pretty handy on stage) and start building pedals for my own needs. Some books I’ve found over the internet inspired me a lot. I started studying electronics, study pedal designs and building stuff. I’ve always been a D.I.Y. person. So after 4-5 years with custom build pedals on stage, a friend of mine encouraged me to sell these stuff. “Man, you got great stuff here, you should consider selling them”. That’s how it started.


Warlord custom guitar pedals and tube amps has, in less than 6 months, managed to build 2 signature custom guitar pedals for two great guitar players.

Image of metal distortion pedal Crusher. Custom guitar pedals be Warlord.

Crusher. Signature metal distortion.

image of custom guitar distortion pedal Soul Breaker. Custom guitar pedals be Warlord.

Signature Series. Heavy metal distortion pedal.

The first custom guitar pedal, is the Crusher metal distortion for George Karafotis. George plays guitar in Raven Lord and Vermilion Days. The second custom guitar pedal is the Soul Breaker signature distortion for Ben Higgins. Ben is guitar instructor at and his band is called the Reckoning. These custom guitar pedals are result of human contact. We talked many times, and they provide Warlord all the information needed to build their custom guitar pedals. Ben & George are now Warlord’s endorsed artists.
Human contact

Warlord custom guitar pedals and tube amps relies a lot in human contact. We believe in people although it’s hard. There is no automated answering machines, or automated mail services in Warlord custom. Human contact is the most important thing for us. It helps building trust, it let’s us understand the needs of a musician and lets us help him/her make the right product choice. We strongly encourage you to contact us. Ask your questions, tell us what you got in your mind, or simply say “hello”.


Warlord custom guitar pedals and tube amps philosophy is straight forward : ” Treat your customers the way you would like to be treated”. Everything in Warlord runs with this principal in mind. From components’ selection, to building, painting, designing, ordering, shipping etc.

Product line, product philosophy 

Warlord custom guitar pedals and tube amps offers a very narrow product line. That’s not because we cannot do more. It’s because we want to do more! Our product line so far, is made out of modified clones (based on legendary pedals) that are a MUST have for every guitar player out there. If our product line was made out of 50 units (that’s what big companies do), chances are you could find one that suites you best. We don’t want that. We like building stuff that have a personal touch. We build CUSTOM pedals. This means we want to LISTEN to your NEEDS. We want to know about the tone you are after. And then we will build you a unique pedal for your needs. That’s how we do more. More for your tone, more for your satisfaction. We don’t like the “pick a pedal and go” option. That’s what big companies do. We want to build something for you. From tone up to the appearance of it.

Hand made quality

Warlord custom guitar pedals and tube amps builds pedals and amps by hand. No robotics or automated systems here. All pedals and amps are hand wired. We even build stuff point to point (in some models) with no extra charge (compared to other companies). All components are carefully selected for their performance and quality. We use precision resistors of max tolerance 1%, and film capacitors for maximum tonal performance where needed. Enclosure drilling, painting, finishing is done by hand too. It requires more time, but quality goes first. Assembly is also done by hand. We offer value for money units. Not quantity over quality. For our tube amplifiers, we use custom made heavy duty transformers. Our transformers are build to order for every single amp we build. We use many types of tubes. It’s all a matter of taste and wattage depending on the design. We can build your amp with the tubes of your choice, or suggest you a configuration that’ll work perfectly. Amp chassis are made of stainless steel or heavy duty aluminum. The wooden cabinet is shaped using hand tools. We offer a piece of craftsmanship, not just a working device.

Image of lifetime warranty card of custom guitar pedals

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty

Warlord custom guitar pedals come with limited lifetime warranty. The terms can be found here. Keep in mind that Warlord’s warranty is a great advantage for you as a customer. We even offer a shipment free, repair at no cost, if you spot something wrong in your pedal’s performance during the first two weeks of operation! Who else does? Please refer to the warranty article here for more info.

Shipping Costs

Warlord custom guitar pedals are shipped to you for FREE! Yes, that’s right! No matter where you live on planet earth, we pay the shipment costs for your pedal. Amp shipment is different and depends on the weight, volume etc. So we cannot give any general information. Only product specific. 

By George Liagas – Google

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