Metal distortion pedal - CRUSHER - G. Karafotis signature model

Metal Distortion pedal – Crusher

 “I am very proud and happy to be endorsed by Warlord Custom. Warlord did a Fantastic job on my signature distortion pedal.
CRUSHER has everything on it. I love its dryness, its high mids, sound quality, tone & precision!! When I tested live on stage, it blew my
 mind away. I was hitting harmonics and the whole guitar was screaming, absolutely perfect”.
 – George ” The Kid” Karafotis – 

Lifetime warranty. Buy it from Warlord Store. Free Worldwide Shipment! €185,00


The Crusher was prototyped for Raven Lord‘s & Vermillion Days guitar player George Karafotis. Last November, George Karafotis sound checked the Soul Breaker distortion and he asked me to build something different for his needs. George wanted more midrange in his sound, even more gain(!!), and more headroom. Not to mention his demands for ultra bright high frequencies. The whole circuit has been redesigned, creating a very unique sounding distortion pedal.”Crusher” was born.

Crusher is Warlord’s second signature model. This metal distortion can be considered as an extreme version of  the Soul Breaker. Crusher is a heavy metal distortion pedal, but with more gain, massive low end, tons of midrange and razor sharp highs. This pedal can give you a tonal range from smooth hard rock tones up to death/thrash metal tones. It is perfect for heavy riffing & palm muting. But it is also very open sounding so there is a lot of sustain and note definition. It’s not a muddy pedal. The openness and brightness of it is jaw dropping! Don’t confuse the “brightness” with the “high frequencies”. This pedal will bring life in your guitar and amp. It’s a dual channel pedal. There are two operational modes. The normal/rhythm mode and the Beast mode (lead mode). Beast mode provides some extra dB for lead sections. There are two unique characteristics in this metal distortion pedal. The first one is its headroom ( a term used in audio building devices). The second one is its midrange control.

Crusher Version II. What’s the big difference? A total new internal filter and power supply design. The circuit is pushed even more, providing an even wider headroom for better note definition. The new filter design allows better noise control and better AC power ripple isolation. The most silent and powerful pedal ever build so far.


Version II of Crusher metal distortion guitar pedal

Image of metal distortion pedal Crusher

The first Crusher ever build. Signature metal distortion.

image of Crusher metal distortion pedal

George Karafotis of Raven Lord & Vermillion Days with Crusher Version I


Imagine a car engine working at 7.000rpm. That’s how the circuit of this metal distortion is designed. To provide the maximum workload. The internal amplifiers of the circuit work at their peak performance. That’s a big difference compared to the Soul Breaker distortion (and most of the metal distortion pedals in the market). And when the circuit’s amplifiers work at their maximum potential, the guitar signal is not compressed. This condition gives great clarity, note definition, and minimum or no compression. That’s headroom. So, at peak level performance there is more “room” for the guitar signal inside the pedal’s amplifiers.

Midrange control
The Crusher metal distortion is brighter sounding due to it’s new filter design. Due to its wide headroom and filter design it is very open sounding. It provides massive body to the guitar sound. There is no way this pedal will ever sound muddy, or compressed or lifeless. The tone stack has been changed completely (compared to the Soul Breaker). The Bass – Middle – High filters do a great job. You can craft the tone you want instantly. Keep in mind that the Middle control works the opposite direction : At 7 o’clock position you have all the mids in your tone, at 5 o’clock position you have your mids scooped for thrash metal. So, at default, this pedal gives you the maximum of your midrange and as the knob goes up, it subtracts mids from your tone. You can also consider it as a “thrash” tone control. The more you turn the knob, the more thrashy your tone becomes.

Gain control
The gain control of the Crusher is x5 times the gain of the Soul Breaker! This metal distortion has a massive amount of dB ready to be unleashed! It’s a roaring beast! George’s approach on the gain was “let’s have more gain in this pedal even if there is no need to dial it all in”. So, Crusher has lots and lots of gain. You may not need it all, but there is plenty of gain under the gain knob.

The Normal / Beast Mode
The normal mode is as simple as it sounds. It’s your main mode. It’s the rhythm mode. You can dial in the tone you want and play. The Beast mode is the lead mode. It adds up a few dBs so your lead section can cut through the mix or a live performance. You don’t need a boost pedal. It took me 2 weeks to trim the Beast mode to George Karafotis preferences. Due to the pedal’s wide headroom character (which in turn is converted to voltage) the lead mode was extremely loud! After 2 weeks of tweaking the Beast mode volume level is set to a perfect position.

The appearance of the pedal was designed by Warlord based on George Karafotis ideas. The layout is C.N.C. engraved on an anodized aluminum plate. So, the top of the pedal can never be damaged, rusted or age by time. The circuit is housed in a heavy duty, light weight aluminum enclosure.

2014-07-08 18.20.26Crusher at a glance

  • Wide headroom
  • Maximum tone clarity
  • Maximum tone definition
  • No signal compression
  • 2M input impedance
  • 3 Bands EQ
  • Intergraded volume booster
  • Internal noise reduction filter
  • Hand Wired
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Power consumption
Crusher needs 23mA for it’s operation.


By George Liagas – Google

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