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Warlord’s Bass pedals series


The Warlord Standard Series of  pedals

In this page you may find the info needed on Warlord’s Bass series. This series is the Warlord Standard Series of Bass pedals. All bass pedals have a limited lifetime warrant and the come with free Shipment. Έλληνες καταναλωτές επικοινωνήστε μαζί μου. All units are hand wired and hand made. Printed circuit boards are all etched by hand. Some of them are soldered point to point with no extra cost Painting, artwork design, circuit design is all done in Warlord. No outsourcing. All bass pedals  are build with a true bypass switching system so the signal passes unaffected when the pedal is not in use. This also means that there is no need for power when the pedal is in OFF position LED status indicators of low power consumption is a must in all custom bass pedal builds. All bass pedals use a standard 9v DC adapter with a negative tip unless specified. All (unless specified) units come with a build in DC power noise filter. So, if you have a noisy power transformer, the pedal will kill most (if not all) of the power noise.

I recommend any high-quality supply transformer that utilizes isolated power. Choosing a high quality power supply is frequently overlooked when purchasing pedals but it is one of the most important factors in operating your pedal board to its full potential and creating great tone.

image of the Small Muffa Bass Fuzz, a bass pedal by Warlord

Small Muffa is a custom build Bass Guitar Fuzz. Based on a classic fuzz circuit, it’s modified for a bass guitar in order to deliver more low end. The Deep switch adds up an extra of +15dB (adjustable). That’s great if you want to sound huge on stage! The frequency selector switch allows you to choose how bass you want your low end to be! So the filter can be set to 87Hz (which is the lowest low end frequency on this unit) or to 113Hz (which is the highest low end frequency).
Brand: Warlord Custom Guitar & Bass effects pedals
Manufacturer: Warlord
Model: Small Muffa
Product ID: WBOD1
€170.00 New

image of the Bass Chorus pedal, a bass pedal by Warlord

The Warlord Chorus pedal is a modified hybrid. Inspired by the legendary chorus effect of the Boss chorus guitar pedals, works on guitars as well as on bass guitars. It’s a modified chorus circuit with the bass guitarist in mind as well. That’s why there are some switches and an extra “Blend” potentiometer. The Warlord Chorus pedal provides great modulation effects for chiming melodies on clean signal as well as on distorted signal. Based on the MN3101 clock chip and MN3007 BBD chip.
Brand: Warlord Custom Guitar & Bass effects pedals
Manufacturer: Warlord
Model: Warlord Chorus WC2
Product ID: WC2
€170.00 New

This is the image of an amp switch pedal. Works great as a bass pedal too.

the Switch is an amp switch pedal. It allows you to toggle between A or B amp, or play through both amps at the same time. Noiseless operation and hum free
Brand: Warlord Custom Guitar & Bass effects pedals
Manufacturer: Warlord
Model: the Switch
Product ID: TSAS
€200.00 New

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