Fuzz pedal, transistor based circuit. Boutique Big Muff Pi clone

Fuzz Pedal for fuzzy tones

this is the photo of a fuzz pedal, the Saturator

Saturator is a silicon based transistor fuzz distortion. If you know the tones of Big Muff Pi, you will love this pedal.

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Saturator fuzz pedal is a fuzz distortion pedal. Build with four gain stages based on silicon transistors. Saturator fuzz pedal is based on the legendary Big Muff Pi . That legendary distortion, is considered one of the best  distortion pedals ever build. Not to mention that there are thousands of clones, re issues and lots of variations! Believe it or not, there is a lot of gain in there! The tone knob adjusts the tone. You can shape your tone pretty well just like the Big Muff pi. The tone control is a band pass filter. The level knob adjusts the output volume of the pedal. Don’t push it too hard, or your neighbors will call the police! It’s a four gain stages transistor based device. The first stage is a buffer. It amplifies the guitar signal. The signal goes to the 2 clipping stages.The clipping stages is the “place” where distortion occurs. Then, off to the last stage that brings back the gain that is lost in the tone control.


Transistor based fuzz pedal. The Saturator

Saturator is made in a white enclosure with engraved plating made out of PVC material. The knobs are dome knobs, chromium. Red led status indicator and true bypass switching.

  • Sound

Saturator fuzz pedal has a great amount of distortion and very nice tone control. It does sound like Gilmour, and sounds great and saturated in rhythm sessions. It’s sonar capabilities saturate the tone so you can play great rhythmic sessions. It sounds massive, rich and that’s why I named it “Saturator”.





  • Video

  • Power Consumption

Saturator fuzz pedal requires 7.3mA for its operation.

By George Liagas – Google


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