Custom Guitar overdrive pedal Blue Spider. Boutique clone.

Guitar Overdrive Pedal, with extra Gain boost.

– Blue Spider Guitar Overdrive Pedal – 

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This is the image of the guitar overdrive pedal Blue Spider

A classic Overdrive pedal with a gain boost of +12dB

Take a classic guitar overdrive pedal, add a boost switch for more gain, add some lights on the base and there you are! Blue Spider guitar overdrive pedal has a potential of classic blues/rock tones with some extra gain.

It can be also used as a booster pedal to boost your amp’s crunch channel.

This pedal mimics the sound of a vintage tube amplifier. The classic overdrive sound includes a “mid-hump,” which means that the circuit accentuates frequencies between the bass and treble ranges (mid-frequencies). Many guitarists prefer this sort of equalization, as it helps to keep their sound from getting lost in the overall mix of the band. Blue Spider guitar overdrive pedal provides 2 different amounts of gain on the feedback stage

This guitar overdrive pedal is a must have for every guitar player out there. Plug it on a tube amplifier and you’ll get the warmest & grittiest tone you could ever imagine.  Blue Spider is controlled by 3 knobs.

The Gain knob adjusts the amount of distortion. The more you dial in, the more the saturation and distortion you’ll get.

Tone knob lets you choose your sweet spot. It goes from low end frequencies up to the high end section. This guitar overdrive pedal doesn’t sacrifice the the low or mid section of your signal. Something like the tube screamer tone control.

Blue Spider guitar overdrive pedal come with a 2 Gain stages toggle selector switch.

  • Normal mode gives smooth n crunchy tones, for bluesy stuff, some Hard Rock tones, and generally a wide sonic pallet with great mids (so you can cut through in a band situation).
  • “Bite me!” mode takes than gain stage even further by adding +12dB, so you can hear it screaming pretty loud!

Blue Spider  is great for use with your amps crunch channel. By keeping the gain low on Blue Spider guitar overdrive pedal, and raising the level output, you can have a very warm, saturated sound. This works great for lead guitar playing as well as for rhythm. Going on “Bite Me!” mode, gives you even more harmonic distortion and saturation.

If guitar Overdrive is not your type, and you are looking for a distortion pedal, check the Soul breaker distortion pedal or the Saturator distortion guitar pedal.

  • Aesthetics

Blue Spider guitar overdrive pedal is build in a white aluminum enclosure. A Blue Spider is is the main theme of the design along with some small blue spiders on it’s corners. The Led status indicator is an ultra bright white led. Knobs are superior quality dome knobs  of chrome. The base of the enclosure hosts the light emitting circuit. When the unit is engaged, blue light emits through the pedals base. A cool effect for on stage appearances.

  • Power Consumption 

The Warlord Blue Spider guitar overdrive pedal needs 17mA for it’s operation. 7mA required for the Overdrive circuit of the pedal, and 10mA required for the light effect on the base of the pedal.

  • Video

By George Liagas – Google

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