Germanium Fuzz face clone pedal by Warlord Custom

germanium fuzz face clone

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Image of germanium fuzz face clone - the 60's fuzz

the 60’s fuzz – A germanium fuzz face clone by Warlord

Vintage Series. Boutique sounding. A classic Fuzz pedal that needs no introduction. It’s build using germanium transistors. Build after Roger Mayer’s modifications for Jimy Hendrix. A must have pedal for every guitarist who loves warm and fuzzy tones. I’ve never been a Fuzz fanatic myself, but when the build was complete, I got stoned! Warm, fuzzy tones even with the Fuzz knob all way to minimum.

Warlord’s germanium fuzz face is build with matched and paired germanium transistors. Their gain factor has been calculated for a moderate fuzz tone. It’s been biased at 5.3V creating a nicely balanced curve of operation. Keep in mind that germanium, by its nature, is a very unstable material, and that’s it’s beauty : It never sounds exactly the same.

Silicon based Fuzzes produce very different tone. But if you are looking for the original classic tone, then a germanium based Fuzz pedal is your one way road. Germanium transistors have very unique tone. Silicon transistors have a very different tone character that has nothing to do with the original germanium Fuzz face of the 60’s. Keep in mind, that all germanium based fuzz boxes will be priceless in few years. Germanium transistors are out of production. What pedal manufacturers use, is New Old Stock transistors. And since they become very rare, their price goes up. Consider that a silicon transistor costs about $0,05 and a germanium transistor for a Fuzz face costs even as high as $12!!

Listen to it here

Image of germanium fuzz face clone

the 60’s fuzz – A germanium fuzz face clone with ultra gloss finish by Warlord

Germanium fuzz face clone “the 60’s Fuzz” is runs on 9V DC power supply. Its circuit uses true bypass switching. True bypass switching is capable of no power consumption when the unit is not engaged, and no signal loss when the unit is engaged. The unit has two potentiometers. The Fuzz knob controls the amount of Fuzz distortion. The Volume knob, controls the overall output volume of the unit. The pedal uses ultra bright led indicator of low power consumption.

This pedal the first Warlord pedal that is utilizing the Warlord’s ultra Gloss surface finishing. Shiny as a mirror, hard as a rock. The pedal is painted with black “stardust” paint. It’s black with silver particles. The ultra gloss surface allows the paint to really show off or hide depending on the  angle of view. Great effect. image of arbiter fuzz
By George Liagas – Google

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