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Fuzz pedal for classic fuzz tones.

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An Op Amp Fuzz pedal. Very responsive and very loud.

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The Beast pedal is a modern guitar fuzz pedal. The circuit’s core is a 275Op amp, while vintage fuzz boxes use germanium transistors. It’s very responsive, and cleans nicely with guitar volume’s pot. The gain knob adjusts the gain and the level knob adjusts the output volume of the pedal. There is lot of output volume in this Beast, so be careful : it gets really LOUD! The pedal is greatly responsive to pick dynamics. The harder you hit the strings, the more fuzz you get. It cleans very nice when you roll off your guitar volume knob.It has a great note definition and sustain without chocking your notes as some fuzz boxes do. The more you roll the gain up, the more it saturates, it gets fuzzier and warmer providing great harmonics and rich low end frequencies.

  • Aesthetics

The Beast fuzz pedal is a “Stardust”painted enclosure. Stardust is a black color with small silver particles mimicking the night sky. Red pvc plating and white lettering. The knobs are black MXR style. There is a red led status indicator and true bypass switching. The artwork is an original design from Maria Mandechou, a hobby painter.

A picture of the Beast guitar fuzz pedal by Warlord Custom effects

  • Sound

The Beast fuzz pedal has a great amount of fuzz and very nice picking dynamics response. It’s an IC based circuit. The circuit is very nicely balanced. You can have very transparent fuzz on low settings, and pretty saturated when gain knob is maxed out. Use of your guitar volume pot is advisable to see what this Beast can give you. There are tons of volume in the level knob, so be careful. This thing is loud! Classic fuzz boxes are usually made using germanium or silicon transistors. This one is a modern version.  It’s sonar capabilities can go from low gain smooth mild fuzz for bluesy stuff, up to some hard rock sounds when the gain knob is maxed out. Don’t let that small size fool you : A Beast resides in it. Unleash it!

  • Video

  • Power Consumption

The Beast fuzz pedal requires 7.3mA for its operation.

By George Liagas – Google

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