digital delay pedal

Digital Delay Pedal

for time modulation effects

– Digital Delay Pedal – 

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A digital delay pedal. Delay times vary from 10ms up to 580ms. At maximum position delay gets a little bit dirty.
click here for the available standard Digital Delay Pedal designs

Analog Delay Pedal  for time modulation effects

The pots control the amount of delay (in ms), the amount of Level (how much of the signal to be delayed) and the amount of repeats. It can be modified to give endless repeats if wanted.

Sounds great with clean signal. It can also work as an echo effect.

  • Sound Samples

Coming soon

  • Power Consumption 

The Warlord Digital Delay guitar pedal needs 17.8mA for it’s operation.

By George Liagas – Google

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