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– Analog Delay guitar and bass pedal –

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The Cronos analog delay pedal is a true analog delay. Inspired by the legendary BBD circuits, this pedal adds some serious analog delay to your signal. It’s a sweet sounding pedal and it adds depth and space to your playing. You can adjust the amount of the repeats, the depth of the delay, and the time of the delay which is almost half a second!  Based on the MN3101 clock chip and MN3208 BBD chips. All BBD chips are N.O.S. (new Old Stock) and are really RARE! Those chips are out of production (since all of the electronics are on a digital “path), so if you’re after some serious analog sound, this pedal is a must have.
Keep in mind, that it will be a collectible piece since it uses old BBD chips.

This pedal is build on demand for our endorsed artist Lucio Manca. Lucio also uses Warlord’s “The Quake” – Bass distortion pedal.


Repeats – Controls the amount of the repeated signal that’s fed up to the BBD feedback chain.
Level – Controls the depth of the delay. The more you increase the level, the more the effect is profound.
Time –  Controls the time of the delay. Increase it if you want longer time of delay. Bring it down if you want shorter delay time

Hand wired, soldered point to point by hand, 100% hand made. Minor flaws may appear, but that’s the beauty of hand made items.

  • Sound Samples
  • Power Consumption

The Warlord Chorus guitar pedal requires 32mA for its operation. It’s powered by a power supply. This unit can drain a battery in an hour due to the heavily workload on the chips!

By George Liagas – Google

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