Clean volume Booster, The Soul booster. Boutique sound micro amp.

A clean volume booster pedal.

This is the image of a clean volume booster guitar pedal

Soul Booster : A clean volume booster guitar pedal. Transparent on low settings, pretty gritty from the middle up.

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Warlord Soul Booster is a micro amp. It’s a clean volume booster pedal that boosts your volume level.  As it says, it boosts your guitar signal. The amount of boost depends on the potentiometer position. It’s a very clean volume booster pedal with very slight distortion at maximum position. This  pedal is very transparent at low settings. When the knob passes the 12 o’clock position, the boost is more profound.

At low settings (when the knob is from 7-12 0’clock position) the clean volume booster pedal works great as a buffer. It’s perfect for long cable runs. If you are the kind of musician with lots of pedals on your signal chain, this unit works well as signal buffer. You may plug it between your boxes to retain signal volume on the desired level. This pedal can be used in 3 options : As an extra drive/boost, as a clean volume “level” boost, or as a micro amp.

The first, is to place the Soul Booster right after you guitar’s cable. So it will be your first pedal in your signal chain. That way you can get some extra dBs of gain. The higher the setting the more the gain. The clean volume booster can drive your amp harder (sounds great on tubes). Or if there’s a distortion/overdrive pedal after it, it can add a little more grit/sustain. Being the first pedal in the chain, can help you adjust the “extra” dBs you may need in order to “push” or “drive” the signal harder. Especially in tube amps, or in situations you need that “extra” boost to warm your signal a little bit.

The other way is to place the clean volume booster at the end of the signal chain. That way you can adjust the volume levels of your overall signal. A simple clean boost. If the knob is at maximum, it will add some slight distortion, just like a tube overdriven sound. Using this pedal at the end of the chain (right before the amp) will help you adjust the amount of gain. If you are the lead guitarist in the band, then you do need this pedal. It’s like having a “Lead mode” under you foot. You can adjust the level at a desired position so you can hear your solos clearly without messing your band’s overall sound.

Last option is to use the clean volume booster pedal as buffer between the pedals or long cable runs. The “transparent” character of the pedal at low settings, can help you retain a desirable gain level. So, if you got many pedals in your chain, or long cable runs, you don’t need your signal to be sucked up by them. That’s what this booster pedal can do. It will help your signal stay alive. Imagine a small amp between your pedals.

  • Aesthetics

A normal 1590B enclosure, painted black. The top plating is CNC engraved. Black lettering on white background. Potentiometer cover is black. The red led status indicator lies inside an aluminum bezel. True bypass circuit for no power consumption in OFF position, and no signal suck up when used in a pedal chain. Check this page for the available standard designs for the Warlord Soul Booster.

  • Sound Samples

  • Power Consumption 

The Warlord Soul Booster guitar pedal needs 6mA for it’s operation.

By George Liagas – Google

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