Amp Switch pedal - "The Switch" by Warlord custom

Amp Switch Pedal “The Switch”

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This is the image of an amp switch pedal

An innovative amp switch pedal that takes amp switching to a new level.

The Switch is an amp switch pedal. It allows the user to drive one input (a guitar or a bass) to two selectable outputs A or B. It can also drive the input on both A&B outputs at the same time. An amp switch pedal is very handy if you are the kind of person who would like to run 2 amps at the same time. This pedal is noiseless and hum free. The amp switch has two operational modes :

  • Single mode – You can toggle between A or B output. Single mode is a passive mode. The input signal connects directly to the selected (A or B) output.
  • Dual mode – Both A & B outputs are engaged. Dual mode is active. The signals connects on both outputs at the same time.

“The Switch” is a very different pedal on the market in comparison with other amp switch pedals. What’s different, is the switching approach. The unit uses a very sophisticated internal switching circuit that provides not only noiseless operation, but 3 different internal input/output routings. This circuit ensures that “common problems” found on amp switch pedals on the market do not exist with “The Switch”.

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This is an image of Warlord's Amp Switch pedal

Common problems of amp switch pedals and why “the Switch” is better :

Common problem #1. Amp switch pedals try to isolate one of the outputs when not in use. But, the inactive part of the circuit picks up signal, it drives it to the inactive amp, and you get humming noise. This problem does not exist with “the Switch”due to the internal routing approach that changes completely in every position.

Common problem #2. Popping sounds, clicks or voltage leaks when toggling between amps. This problem does not exist with “the Switch” due to precise pull down resistors and diodes that prevent voltage (noise) leakage.

Common problem #3. Signal loss when both outputs are engaged.  This problem does not exist with “the Switch”. When dual mode is engaged, the signal reroutes through a wide headroom buffer. Input impedance is 2M2 for each channel, so the buffer loads the amp inputs at unity gain. No signal loss.

Common problem #4. Some good amp switch pedals do not work in reverse. The user cannot drive 2 inputs to one output. This problem does not exist with “the Switch”. Toggling between A or B is passive. So toggling between 2 guitars connected on 1 amp is possible with this pedal. You can plug your Tele on A, your Les Paul on B, and your amp in the IN jack. That way you can drive guitar A or B to your amp.

This is an image of Warlord's Amp Switch pedal

The backside of the pedal with the inputs/outputs

  • It’s operated using 9VDC, negative tip adapter (Boss type).
  • Power consumption 7.8mA on Single Mode (passive circuit) and 50mA on Dual Mode (active circuit).
  • The pedal is finished with the Warlord’s ultra Gloss surface technique.
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