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Bass Distortion pedal Quane – Lucio Manca’s signature pedal.

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Quake bass distortion pedal

If you ‘re a bass player and looking for a pedal that could add some nice grit up to some serious distortion to your signal, then Quake is what you need.

Quake Bass distortion pedal was born as an endorsement pedal for Lucio Manca. The Quake, is distortion pedal  build on his specifications. It’s a simple raw, aggressive bass pedal. If you’re looking for a pedal that can give you some drive up to some really heavy distortion tones, the Quake is a great choice. The drive builds up progressively, so you can have great tonal versatility. The one knob tone control is simple a band shifter that moves the distortion palette up or down the desired frequencies. The level knob lets you put the desired output level that will drive your amplifier. It runs on 9V DC power supply, and comes with lifetime warranty. It’s got a build in power supply noise filter and Warlord’s sophisticated polarity protection circuit. Its circuit is builded point-to-point. A pure hand build bass distortion pedal.

Quake bass distortion pedal is based on a 3 gain stages preamp design. The clipping is done symmetrically using selected diodes. The distortion gets pretty nasty at the maximum position while overtones and midtones get squared out. That gives a little more of a Fuzz+distortion mixture. No matter what style of music you are into, the Quake bass distortion can be a very handy tool. It can be used as a boost as long as you keep the gain minimised and the level up to a high level. Or it can be used to boost some frequencies to a desired point. The distortion can be punchy or smooth. It’s a very versatile pedal.

The pedal is made using Warlord’s patented hi gloss surface.


Ultra gloss Warlord’s patented surface finish.


2 comments for “Quake – Bass Distortion pedal

  1. Eric Castañeda
    February 17, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    I would like to purchase this pedal. I’ve tried countless distortion bass pedals and the QUAKE pedal sounds killer.

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