Chorus guitar pedal. Boutique sound. Analog design with extra mods

– Chorus guitar pedal –

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The Warlord Chorus guitar pedal is a hybrid. Inspired by the legendary chorus effect of the Boss chorus guitar pedals, works on guitars as well as on bass guitars. It’s a modified chorus circuit with the bass guitarist in mind as well. That’s why there are some switches and an extra “Blend” potentiometer. This unit provides great modulation effects for chiming melodies on clean signal as well as on distorted signal. Based on the MN3101 clock chip and MN3007 BBD chip.

  • Modifications

A “guitar oriented” chorus pedal would simply have the Depth & Rate control for it’s chorus effect. And that’s how I build them. That’s available in my Warlord Standard Series. But this unit has some more stuff build to it. There is a Vibe switch which removes the modulation effect, and vibrates the signal as a tremolo effect. So, by owning this modified chorus pedal, you have a tremolo effect with a flick of a switch. That’s great isn’t it?
The Deep switch enhances the low frequencies, especially if used on a bass guitar.
The Wet switch creates a “wet” flatter sound, since that’s something we like on a chorus effect. If that’s not for your taste, no problem. Turn it off!

The Blend potentiometer is “Bass guitar” oriented. With the pot all way out, the signal comes out unaffected. With the pot maxed out, the signal comes out fully affected by the unit. So, you may blend your balance between Chorus / Clean signal to retain some bottom end to your mix. It’s up to your taste to create your own chorus effect.

  • Aesthetics

That’s my original prototype. It’s a tribal design etched.
Here are the available “standard” designs for the Chorus builds.

  • Sound

  • Power Consumption

The Warlord Chorus guitar pedal requires 12.3mA for its operation.

By George Liagas – Google

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