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image of Small muffa, bass fuzz pedal by Warlord custom

Bass Fuzz pedal, Small Muffa. A modified fuzz pedal with lots of options

  • Controls

Small Muffa Bass fuzz has 4 knobs and 2 switches. The knobs are Fuzz, Tone, Level and ±15dB. The Fuzz knob, controls the amount of distortion. By it’s nature, this bass fuzz has a very gritty charter even in the very low setting. The Tone, controls the tone of the signal. It goes from the very low end, up to higher frequencies without sacrificing the lows. The Level knob adjusts the output volume of the unit. The ±15dB lets you dial an extra of +15dB to your low end band. This can be very handy if you’re playing through a small speaker cabinet. It can be also adjusted to taste. Bass Fuzz is a matter of taste. Some people want more, others less. This 4 pot controls allow the user to create a unique tone. The sonic palette is very wide. On top off all these, there are 2 more switches. One is the Deep switch. When engaged, the low frequencies get an extra boost. (so, you got the Deep switch and a ±15dB for the low end). The other switch is a band selection. It lets you choose your low end frequency limit. That is 87Hz or 113Hz.

Small Muffa is a very nice sounding bass fuzz. Pure bass guitar oriented, with lots of options for the low frequencies, it’s a very versatile bass fuzz pedal. Bass players love it’s versatility, it’s capabilities on tone crafting, and the fact that the low end remains pure & heavy as it should.

  • Aesthetics

Custom build on the ideas of it’s owner, Small Muffa bass fuzz pedal is a simple orange enclosure with some cool white lettering.I It’s got a blue ultra bright led indicator for the ON/OFF selector, and a red led indicator for the Deep Switch. It is operated with a 9VDC negative tip external power supply (Boss type) like all the Warlord pedals. For the available Standard designs, visit the Bass Fuzz designs.

  • Video

By George Liagas – Google

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